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            Precautions for storage and packaging of phosphated grade manganese carbonate

            Release Time : 2019-03-12  View Count :

            Phosphate grade manganese carbonate is a rose colored, diamond shaped crystal or amorphous light brown powder with a relative density of 3.125. It is insoluble in water but soluble in dilute inorganic acids, stable in dry air and easily oxidizes when wet, forming manganese dioxide. When heated, it decomposes and releases carbon dioxide. Phosphate grade manganese carbonate is produced using the two ore method, with high main content, low impurities, light white color, and low high valent manganese content. It is a specialized manganese carbonate for phosphating solutions, mainly used for black phosphating solutions, zinc manganese mixed phosphating solutions, surface regulators, and other products.

            Phosphate grade manganese carbonate is produced using the two ore method. Compared with traditional manganese carbonate produced from waste manganese solution, this product has higher purity, stable quality, and no harmful substances are carried in the product. The raw materials of the product are high-quality manganese ore and ammonium bicarbonate, and anti oxidation treatment is used. The phosphating solution is clear and transparent, and the quality of the phosphating effect is stable. It can be stored for a long time without being easily oxidized, and has a longer warranty period than ordinary products. Phosphating grade manganese carbonate is mainly used for mechanical parts, phosphating treatment, and other aspects. When dissolved with phosphoric acid, it has a fast speed, bright color, and no precipitation. Moreover, it does not require heating or adding hydrogen peroxide to promote dissolution, and the quality of phosphating products is stable.

            Precautions for storage and packaging of phosphated grade manganese carbonate:

            1. Storage and Protection: The warehouse for storing phosphated grade manganese carbonate should be dry, cool, and protected from moisture and deterioration due to heat. The packaging should be kept intact, and it is strictly prohibited to store it together with oxidants, toxic substances, and harmful substances. The storage period should be 12 months from the date of production, and transportation tools need to be cleaned and covered to prevent rainwater from getting wet.

            2. Packaging: Phosphate grade manganese carbonate is packaged in double layers, with an inner packaging made of polyethylene plastic bags and an outer packaging made of plastic woven bags. Each bag weighs 25 kilograms, or palletized according to customer requirements.