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            What are the advantages of room temperature cleaning agent products

            Release Time : 2019-03-12  View Count :

            The development of industrial modernization has led people to increasingly rely on mechanical components and equipment in the industrial production process. During the processing process, metal workpieces are always contaminated with oil, which greatly affects the appearance of the metal. Normally, we clean it. Room temperature cleaning agent Cleaning agent can clean rust proof oil, stretching oil, cutting fluid and other oil stains formed during metal processing, which are mainly mineral oil, animal and vegetable oil, and fatty acid oil stains. So what are the advantages of room temperature cleaning agent products? Below, the editor of Qinglang Environmental Protection will introduce it to everyone.

            What are the advantages of room temperature cleaning agent products

            1. Used to clean various common oils and fats, with strong ability to remove oil and heavy oil stains, and a cleaning efficiency of 2-3 times that of kerosene. After washing, the metal will return to its original color, achieving high cleanliness requirements, non volatile, safe and reliable, and not causing environmental pollution

            2. The application scope is unlimited, the product is non-toxic, suitable for cleaning mixed workpieces, and does not corrode metals.

            3. After cleaning, it has a short-term anti rust effect on the metal surface.

            4. Low foaming, rapid defoaming.

            5. Safe to use, this product is non flammable, does not corrode the cleaned material, does not damage the skin, and is safe and harmless to various surfaces.

            6. Once configured, can be reused multiple times, saving costs.

            The above content is an introduction to the advantages of room temperature cleaning agent products. Room temperature cleaning agent cleaning agent is a water-based cleaning agent with high cost-effectiveness and wide applicability, suitable for oil removal and cleaning of most metals, and can be used for various high requirements cleaning; The product is made by reacting high-quality raw materials such as surfactants and chelating agents, and has strong cleaning power. After cleaning, the product can undergo various cleanliness tests.