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            The difference between industrial grade magnesium sulfate and food grade magnesium sulfate

            Release Time : 2019-03-12  View Count :

            Magnesium sulfate is a white crystalline solid, similar in shape to salt and sugar. It is an additive that can be used as an additive in food and medicine, as well as in industrial, agricultural, and fertilizer production. It can increase magnesium ions or desiccants, astringent, detumescent, and cathartic effects. Although both are magnesium sulfate, they are not the same product used in industrial production, food, and pharmaceutical production.

            Adding magnesium sulfate to food additives serves as a nutritional base during the fermentation process, increasing the content of magnesium ions. This industry has high quality requirements for magnesium sulfate, with heavy metal content, chloride content, etc. meeting national standards. Products produced in sterile environments can meet the requirements of most customers.

            Magnesium sulfate will be added to the injection to have the effects of lowering blood pressure, anticonvulsant, and oral administration of magnesium sulfate has anti-inflammatory, cholagogic, and cathartic effects. This will result in the addition of pharmaceutical grade magnesium sulfate, which belongs to the raw material medicine. If you want to consume it directly, you should consult a doctor and do not consume it on your own. The selection of raw materials for magnesium sulfate added to drugs will be stricter and must comply with the requirements of the national pharmacopoeia.

            Industrial grade magnesium sulfate is used in industries such as fertilizers, feed, dyes, and ceramics, and its cost is relatively low. Industrial magnesium sulfate contains harmful impurities to the human body and cannot be used as a substitute for edible magnesium sulfate.

            The above is an explanation of the differences between industrial grade magnesium sulfate and food and medical grade magnesium sulfate. We hope that users can refer to the above article when choosing magnesium sulfate.