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            Is manganese chloride soluble in water

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            Manganese chloride is soluble in water. Manganese chloride, molecular formula MnCl2, molecular weight 125.84. Also known as manganese chloride, manganese dichloride, manganese chloride tetrahydrate, etc. Hydrated manganese chloride appears as a rose colored monoclinic crystal, while non hydrated manganese chloride appears as a peach colored crystal. Water, whose chemical formula is HO, is a inorganic compound composed of hydrogen and oxygen. It is non-toxic and drinkable. At room temperature and pressure, it is a colorless and odorless transparent liquid, known as the source of human life.

            Manganese chloride can be divided into anhydrous manganese chloride and manganese chloride tetrahydrate according to whether it contains water of crystallization, and can also be divided into monohydrate manganese chloride, dihydrate manganese chloride, tetrahydrate manganese chloride, pentahydrate manganese chloride according to the number of water of crystallization. Anhydrous manganese chloride can be divided into granular or spherical anhydrous manganese chloride and powdered anhydrous manganese chloride based on its appearance and shape. Science popularization of anhydrous manganese chloride manufacturers

            Manganese chloride can be used for:

            1. Used in aluminum alloy smelting, organic chloride catalysts, dyes and pigments manufacturing, as well as in pharmaceuticals and dry batteries;

            2. Nutritional supplements, China's regulations for dairy products range from 1.08 to 4.32mg/kg; Infant food 1.32-5.26mg/kg;

            3. Manganese chloride can be used as a conductive salt in electroplating. Adding manganese chloride to the ferrous chloride plating solution has the function of refining grain size and is also an antioxidant that can inhibit the oxidation of ferrous. It is also used as a trace element fertilizer in agriculture.

            Manganese chloride is a non flammable and explosive substance. It should be stored in a cool, ventilated, and dry warehouse, sealed for storage, transported as general chemicals, and protected from rain and sunlight.