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            Product uses and preparation methods of manganese carbonate

            Release Time : 2019-03-12  View Count :

            Chemical industry is actually closely related to our daily life, such as clothing, food, housing, and transportation. We may not be able to see or touch it, but it is indeed affecting our lives. Lianyungang Sunny Environmental Protection is a manufacturer of chemical products, including manganese nitrate, manganese phosphate, manganese chloride, manganese bromide, manganese acetate, zinc fluoride, nickel carbonate, nickel nitrate, manganese phosphide carbonate, high-purity manganese carbonate, Markov salt, manganese based surface treatment, room temperature cleaning agents, and so on. When it comes to manganese carbonate, I would like to share with you about its uses and preparation methods.

            Product uses of manganese carbonate:

            【 Usage 1 】 Used for the preparation of manganese salts and as a material for telecommunications equipment components

            【 Usage 2 】 Widely used as a catalyst for desulfurization, enamel pigment, manganese salt raw material, as well as fertilizer, medicine, feed additive, welding electrode auxiliary material, etc

            【 Usage 3 】 It is a raw material for producing soft magnetic ferrite for telecommunications equipment. Industrial manganese carbonate is widely used as a catalyst for desulfurization, enamel pigment, varnish drying agent, and raw material for manufacturing other manganese salts. It is also used in fields such as medicine, mechanical parts, and phosphating treatment. Manganese carbonate used in agriculture as a trace element fertilizer may have a slightly lower content.

            【 Purpose 4 】 Mainly used for manufacturing magnetic conductive materials in communication equipment, namely high-performance manganese zinc ferrite.

            【 Purpose 5 】 Preparation of manganese salts. Widely used as a catalyst for desulfurization, enamel pigments, manganese salt raw materials, as well as fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, mechanical parts, and phosphating treatment

            High purity manganese carbonate is widely used in the electronic industry as the main raw material for manufacturing high-performance magnetic materials. The new process uses the waste gas SO2 from industrial copper smelting for wet leaching of soft manganese ore (mainly containing MnO2, while also containing a small amount of SiO2, Fe2O3, Al2O3) to prepare. (It is known that sulfite is more acidic than carbonate)

            ① Inject excess SO2 gas into the soft manganese ore slurry for "manganese leaching" operation, and control the temperature to heat the reaction.

            ② Add MnO2 and air to the filtrate after manganese leaching, and then adjust the pH to 3.7 with Na2CO3 solution before filtration and separation;

            ③ Adjust the pH value of the filtrate to 6.5-7.2, and then add NH4HCO3 to form a light red precipitate. After filtration, washing, and drying, high-purity manganese carbonate can be obtained.