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            Zirconium Acetate

            Zirconium Acetate

            1. CAS No.:7585-20-8 

            2. Molecular FormulaC8H12O8Zr 

            3. Molecular Weight327.40 

            4. AppearanceYellowish or colorless transparent liquid. Solid zirconium acetate is powder. 

            5. SolubilitySoluble in water. It is decomposed in boiling water. 

            6. Stability: Stable but corrosive, and strong in acidity. 

            7. Application:Widely used in paint drier, fiber, paper surface treatment agent, waterproofing agent of building materials. Used in treatment of silk; textile, paper flame retardant, catalyst, engineering ceramics field. 

            8. StorageStored in a dry and well-ventilated warehouse.Kept in containers tightly closed. Away from sunlight, heat source and fire.