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            Manganese series surface conditioner

            Manganese series surface conditioner

            CAS No. : 39041-31-1

            Molecular FormulaMn3 (PO4)2

            Molecular Weight: 408.7631

            Product features

            Reduce the working temperature of phosphorization, increase the number of crystal nuclei, improve the densification and corrosion resistance of phosphating film, improve the appearance of manganese phosphating film,shorten the  phosphating time, and accelerate the initial film formation speed of phosphating film.


            Our manganese series surface conditioner is used to condition steel surface before manganese phosphating treatment of steel works,which can improve the phosphating quality and eliminate the uneven corrosion defects caused by alkaline or oil removal or pickling rust removal. 

            Storage : 

            Stored in a cool, dry and well-ventilated warehouse away from damp. 

            Incompatible with acids.