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            Manganese Nitrate (50% solution)

            Manganese Nitrate (50% solution)

            CAS No.:10377-66-9 

            Molecular Formula:MnN2O

            Molecular Weight:178.95 

            Appearance:Light red liquid 

            Solubility:Soluble in water and alcohol. 

            SpecificationMn(NO3)2 ≥50% , So4 2- ≤0.01% ,  Fe ≤0.01% , Free acid ≤0.1% , Insoluble matters ≤0.05% 

            Application:Used as raw material for making manganese dioxide, and as metal phosphorus agent and ceramic colourant. 

            Packing:Net 40kg/plastic drum up to customers’ request. 

            Storage:Stored in a cool,dry and well-ventilated warehouse. Incompatible with organics,reducing agents, oxides, and inflammable chemicals like sulfur and phosphorus. Away from damp and sunlight during transportation.Handle with special care against leakage or damaged to drums.