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            Manganese Phosphate ( Phosphating grade)

            Manganese Phosphate ( Phosphating grade)

            CAS No.:10236-39-2

            Molecular Formula:Mn3(PO4)2·3H2O

            Molecular Weight:170.95

            Appearance:White or light brown powder

            Solubility:Soluble in acid , almost insoluble in water and alcohol.


            ApplicationOur manganese phosphate is used with sodium pyrophosphate in the ratio of 1 to 1 to make manganese series surface conditioner.

            Manganese series surface conditioner made of our manganese phosphate is suitable for surface adjustment of steel surface before phosphating treatment, to improve the phosphating quality and eliminate the uneven corrosion defects caused by alkaline oil removal or pickling rust removal.

            Packing:25 kg net in good quality of five layers of laminated compound bags. The packing bags can be customized upon customers' request.

            Storage:Stored in a cool, dry and well-ventilated warehouse. Kept in containers tightly closed. Transported as a normal chemical. Away from damp and sunlight.