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            Manganese Dihydrogen Phosphate(Mazhev salt)

            Manganese Dihydrogen Phosphate(Mazhev salt)

            CAS No.:18718-07-5

            Molecular Formula:Mn(H2PO4)2·2H2O

            Molecular Weight:284.94

            Appearance:White or pink crystal powder. 

            Solubility:Soluble in water and insoluble in alcohol.It is liable to hydrolyze and form flocculent precipitated. 

            Sensitivity:Hygroscopic. It is liable to degenerate in contact with oxides and corrosive. When the temperature is higher than 100℃, anhydrous substance is formed by dehydration. 

            Specification :  P2O5 ≥46-52% ,  Mn ≥14.5% , Fe ≤0.2-2% ,  SO42- ≤0.07% ,  Cl ≤0.05% 

                                      Total acidity 25 drops , Insoluble matter ≤6%

            Application:Our product-manganese dihydrogen phospate (Mazhev salt), is the key component for preparation of manganese phosphating solution that is used for treatment of iron and steel parts, especially in phosphating large machinery and equipment, in which it functions as an anti-rust agent.

            Packing : 25kg net good quality high pressurized compound bags lining with double layers LDPE.The packing bags can be cutomized upon customers' request. 

            Storage : Kept in containers tightly closed.Stored in a cool,dry and well-ventilated warehouse. Away from damp and sunlight during transportation.Incompatible with oxidizing agents.